Media Mail Shipping

Cost-effective way to send media and educational materials. Media Restrictions apply.

Pricing. Starts at $2.89 at USPS Post Office.

Use.  Send Media and Education Materials.

Delivery. 2-8 Business Days.

Included. Tracking; No Insurance

Extra Services. Insurance, Certified, Return Receipt, Collect on Delivery.


Out of stock


Media Mail Allowed:

  • Books (at least 8 pages)
  • 16-millimeter or narrower width films
  • Printed music and test materials
  • Video and sound recordings
  • Playscripts and manuscripts
  • Printed educational reference charts
  • Medical loose-leaf pages and binders
  • Computer-readable media

NOTE: Video games, computer drives, and digital drives do not qualify for Media Mail prices.

Weight, Size, & Shape Requirements

  • Maximum weight is 70 lbs.


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