The adventure of the Rosie Mobile started last year during the Pandemic. Folks didn't want to shop at big malls and not everyone could make it to our stores in Lone tree and castle pines, so we thought it would be a great idea to buy a Sprinter and bring our retail to our larger community. We finally found Rosie and we are converting it into a fabulous store on wheels!

Because of all of YOU who have supported us through the years and especially during 2020, we are excited to start this next adventure. As you may know, I lost my daughter, Morgan Rose, in 2017. She would have loved this concept. So in her honor we are creating Rosie!

We hope to bring Rosie to community events, fairs and groups of women who love to shop. Stay tuned for further details and our upcoming calendar of events.

Thank you for all of your support - you are so incredibly appreciated!

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