S1. International Insurance

USPS® international insurance is included with our fastest mail services. You can add extra insurance to some package and envelope shipments. You can also purchase proof of mailing and confirmation receipts when shipping to Canada and other countries.

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International Insurance Options:

Global Express Guaranteed Insurance

Our Global Express Guaranteed® service automatically covers up to $100 in loss, damage, or document reconstruction. If you need more coverage, you can purchase up to $2,499 in insurance. Some country restrictions may apply.

Priority Mail Express International Insurance

Priority Mail Express International® includes insurance for document reconstruction up to $100 and for merchandise up to $200 against loss, damage, or missing contents. Additional coverage for merchandise may be available; individual country prohibitions and restrictions apply.

Priority Mail International Insurance

Priority Mail International® shipments containing merchandise are insured against loss, damage, or missing contents up to $200 at no additional charge. Priority Mail International shipments containing non-negotiable documents are insured against loss, damage, or missing contents up to $100 for document reconstruction at no additional charge.



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